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"In my 12 years of educational leadership, Cary is the single most impactful speaker/presenter I have ever witnessed. My students kept interrupting his presentation and message to applaud him.  Our kids described his performance as 'Life Changing.'  He is AWESOME!"
Dr. Jim D'Agostino, Principal
Santiago Charter Middle, Orange, CA

"Cary is GREAT!!!!  I have never seen our members so involved in the Keynote Speaker's presentation before.  The next morning at our Advisor's Breakfast, the advisors gave him another standing ovation in addition to the one all the members gave him at the Opening Session...  If there was a five star scale to rank Keynote Speakers, I would give Cary six stars!"
Lloyd Devault, State Advisor, Florida HOSA
(Health Occupation Students of America)

"In my eight years of booking speakers for our D.A.R.E. graduations, you were by far the most powerful."
Deputy Sheriff Blank, Wapakoneta, OH


"It's awesome to book an assembly that is both a world-class performance and a powerful message by a consummate professional, age appropriate speaker."
Greg O'Meara, Principal,
Quail Glen Elementary, Roseville, CA

"I have been a principal for 35 years, and that was the best assembly I have ever seen."
John Casato, Principal (Retired)
St Anne School (K-8),
Laguna Niguel, CA
"Even after a month our students still talked about his performance.  They continued to marvel at what he is capable of doing, and talked of his performance with fondness; fondness for him and what he created within that magical hour...  I have never witnessed our auditorium so mesmerized by anything."
Steven Southard, Director of Activities, Sonora High, Sonora, CA (Retired)

"Your talent is amazing. Your message changes lives
John McNichols, Past President, California Association of Directors of Activities


"I have never seen the kids so silent and engaged."
Leona Sousa, School Counselor, Fortuna Middle, Fortuna, CA

"Cary, thank you for a fun show and a powerful message...  I appreciated the straight matter-of-fact talk you gave around the three chairs; 3 types of people.  To call out the bully as self-centered and not growing up with the rest of us, was a wakeup call for some.  To empower the top chair as the leaders anyone can become was the positive message we needed to hear. Well done."
Kelly Powell, Principal (Retired), Otto Petersen Elementary, Scappoose, OR

"Our students were mesmerized. Your articulation of ethics and character in your social message will long resonate with our students."

Janice Earle, Director of Guidance & School Counselor, Staten Island Academy, NY


"That was the most powerful message I have ever heard.  I have heard a lot of nationally renowned speakers, and that was the best."
Michael J. Wasko, Principal, Memorial Junior School, Whippany, NJ


"Cary Trivanovich's assembly yesterday was amazing!  He was funny and entertaining, but most importantly his message was powerful. Choosing Character Over Bullying is more than a catch phrase, it is a way of life.  Do you want to be first chair?  Second chair? or Third chair?  Choose as if your life depends on it, because the course of your life does."
Patrice McCallum, Principal, Ridgeview Elementary, Granite Bay, CA


"Absolutely, positively the most memorable assembly your students will likely ever attend!... Students are still talking about the assembly and his performance.  It made an indelible impression on them, our staff, and the PTO members.  Thank you so much Cary for 'Choosing Character Over Bullying'.  You are an inspiration"
Cathy Hesselink, Ocean Bay Middle School, Myrtle Beach, SC


"Extraordinary show... I was amazed at how you kept 500 students perfectly quiet for one whole hour.  That's unheard of."
Cherie Barrett, Assemblies Coordinator, Yelle Elementary PTO, Norton, MA


"The students were truly entertained and, at the same time, learned a valuable lesson that is sure to affect them in the years to come.  It was, in all honesty, the best assembly we have ever had."
Curt Chase, Pinon Mesa Middle, Phelan, CA