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School Assemblies
Cary Trivanovich earns the right to be heard with
his performance.  Then changes lives.

Character/Bullying       "A Friend Magnet"       Reward Entertainment


"That was the most powerful message I have ever heard.  I have heard a lot of nationally renowned speakers, and that was the best."
- Michael J. Wasko, Principal, Memorial Junior School, Whippany, NJ



High School

Middle & Jr. High
 School Assemblies

School Assemblies


School Bullying Assemblies

 "... he distances himself from the pack of anti-bullying 'salesmen' who are everywhere."

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"Post" Bullying Assemblies

Cary's Peer Magnet message in school assemblies, with his thought-provoking Three Chairs discourse, serve as a follow-up or alternative to anti-bullying assemblies. It inspires the qualities of selflessness and maturity among peers.

Hot Tip for High Schools

High school ASB advisors who know Cary would tell you not to overlook his performance when considering him as a school assembly speaker. Yes, his message is second-to-none among school speakers, but his performance does this.

Red Ribbon Assemblies

Cary's Red Ribbon Week school assemblies take students from a fun performance to introspection about the dangers of drugs. "Your message probably saved my life."


The Significance of This School Assembly
Two natural laws about school assemblies brought to light
and exemplified in Cary's assemblies

by Robert Manning, close friend since high school





Prices vary depending on location and area tours.  Please contact Mr. Trivanovich's office for prices and possible tours in your area.

Prices are inclusive - They will include all travel expenses, so you will know the total budget before booking.

Discounts are available for two schools booking together for the same date (and an even further discount for assemblies in more schools on consecutive days!).

No extra charge for two consecutive-hour assemblies at a given school to accommodate separate assemblies for lower and upper grades or to accommodate a small auditorium.


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Cary and I had no idea when we began creating his show in high school how significant his pantomime performance would become in the school assemblies circuit across the United States.  Whereas it was always fun to see how local school audiences would be surprised by something so unique and entertaining in our teen years, there was something far more consequential on the horizon.

We discovered a distinction about Cary that would not only set him apart nationally in school assemblies, but would bring to light a two-fold and very important natural law in presenting assemblies in schools.

The distinction about Cary is his inclination to capture the toughest of audiences: high school assemblies.  He would literally freeze high school audiences in their seats, if you will.  School administrators reacted to Cary's assemblies with unheard-of comments like, "Totally captivated a difficult audience" and "It ran into lunch by choice of students."

Since he began performing, Cary has captivated and captured the respect of each and every school assembly audience he has faced - thousands of them - irrespective of their location or behavioral history.  I have traveled with Cary and sat among his high school audiences in countless assemblies, and witnessed the rowdy students become engaged in a matter of seconds, and the staff become bewildered by the students' quiet demeanor.  Cary would receive letters from schools continually:

"Our students are a tough audience to capture.  Our staff was amazed at how our usually rowdy audience focused their attention - and became completely silent" (From Millikan High in Long Beach, California).

This distinction about Cary served as an eye opening realization in the world of school assemblies, and is what we refer to as the first of a two-fold natural law in school assemblies: There is no such thing as a "difficult" school audience when you give that audience something they really, really like.  In fact, in most cases you couldn't find a better audience than a normally difficult high school audience if such a crowd really likes the assembly.  Because such a speaker or performer is exceptional or "dope" in their eyes, what would normally be uninhibited verbal abuse turns into uninhibited exuberance.

We believe that this law had not yet been discovered or experienced by most schools before his assembly, which is evidenced by the fact that they always wanted to seat students in view of the staff for "supervision" or "better control."

This distinction about Cary also led to the realization of the second of a two-fold natural law in school assemblies: Such a bond between a school speaker and his audience earns total respect for the speaker, enabling him to deliver a life-changing message with complete acceptance.

This distinction and two-fold law is what has set Cary Trivanovich apart in the school assembly circuit across America.  Cary's performance earns so much respect that he is able to speak freely and candidly with a message that would be whole-heartedly accepted.  

Now, after 30 years and thousands of school assemblies throughout the United States, the past will tell of the significance of my friend Cary Trivanovich and the lives he changed.  And when Cary comes to your school, you won't have to be concerned with whether or not he will hold your students' attention.  Captivating them will be a given.  His goal will be to affect hearts for change.


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