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Red Ribbon Week Assemblies
                      by Cary Trivanovich


"It's awesome to book an assembly that is both a world-class performance and a powerful message by a consummate professional, age appropriate speaker."

Greg O'Meara, Principal,
Quail Glen Elementary,
Roseville, CA


"I have never witnessed our auditorium so mesmerized by anything."

Steven Southard, Director of Activities (Retired),
Sonora High, Sonora, CA

Cary Trivanovich travels throughout the United States for Red Ribbon Week assemblies.  Your school can be included in this popular tour in October.

Entertainment to Introspection


Noted worldwide for his original performance using hilarious pantomime with comedy, Cary Trivanovich performs in school assemblies and delivers an inspiring drug awareness message for Red Ribbon Week.


Middle and High School Assemblies:
Cary's message, recounting the experience of his sister's high school drug use, is moving and effective.  It includes what the consequences of drugs can be, reasons teens take drugs, and motivation to help friends who are dabbling with drugs.  It culminates with inspiration about the preciousness of life.


Elementary School Assemblies:
Whether you choose his elementary age-appropriate warning about drugs, his Good Choices message, or his popular Anti-Bullying or "Friend Magnet" messages, Mr. Trivanovich will tailor a message to your liking.


Investigate Cary's assemblies by contacting schools where Cary has appeared recently, then contact Cary for your Red Ribbon Week assembly next year.


Cary Trivanovich has spoken and performed at thousands of schools, colleges, and conferences throughout the United States.  Besides his Red Ribbon Week assemblies, Cary is a leading school speaker on Bullying.


"Your message was spot-on.  It's so hard to find an entertaining speaker whose message has substance.  You brought to our students exactly what we needed for them to hear in a way that they needed to hear it."

David St. Aubin, Principal, Goodrich High, MI


Cary Trivanovich is self-managed.
Email: cary@carytrivanovich.com
Home Office: 949-858-5500

You can also inquire with Cary Trivanovich easily and quickly
via his QUICK INQUIRY form ...
(Takes you to Cary's QUICK INQUIRY form in ChampionsForKindness.org)