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Keynote for Educational Professionals' Conferences, Colleges, and Community Events

"Bullying in America's Schools"

Cary Trivanovich offers invaluable insight as America's leading school speaker on Bullying in over 4000 K-12 schools coast to coast. You won't need to provide pre-entertainment for this keynote session either - It is built in! 

Bullying in America's Schools
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 Other Keynote Topics

The Preciousness of Life
Just to be alive is amazing, regardless of your circumstances. This keynote message, combined with Cary Trivanovich's performance, instills a heightened appreciation for being alive.


The Power and Significance of the Arts
Setting forth that the arts have life-changing power and significance when truth is revealed to the heart.  You will be moved by Cary's performance which substantiates the keynote.