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Welcome to America's Premiere K-12 School Assembly Speaker on




"It's awesome to book an assembly that is both
a world-class performance and a powerful message
by a consummate professional, age appropriate speaker."

Greg O'Meara, Principal, Quail Glen Elementary, Roseville, CA


Cary Trivanovich's
School Assemblies on Bullying

Performance, Then Message

Cary's Performance
- Setting the table for his message.

Cary's performance, mixing pantomime with verbal humor, was the reason for his initial success in school assemblies when he began as a teen.  It was described by one theatre critic as "visually stimulating as it is funny to the bone."  National school assembly tours drew reactions like, "It ran into lunch by choice of the students" and "Standing ovation after encore."  Today, this performance earns Cary the right to be heard, enabling him to speak freely with pin-drop respect.

Cary's Message
- To instill selflessness, respect and kindness toward others.

Cary's message includes:


The insensitivity and hurt that bullying causes, whether it be physical, social, or online.


How bullying comes from being self-centered, exposing the immaturity of such behavior.


The dangers of Cyber-Bullying, and what students can do about it.


Practical advice to victims of bullying.


Encouraging all to help bullied peers and to report bullying.


Cary's popular Three Chairs discourse, which inspires the qualities of selflessness and maturity among peers.





Cary Trivanovich has performed and spoken on Bullying in thousands of school assemblies and conferences throughout virtually every state across America.


Cary Trivanovich is self-managed.
You can contact him directly:


Email: cary@carytrivanovich.com

Home Office: 949-858-5500


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