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About Cary Trivanovich

Cary is a performer, conference speaker, and theatre innovator, noted for his unique pantomime.  He has been enjoyed in theatres, colleges, churches, theatre festivals and cruise ships around the world, and has inspired students in over 4,000 schools and youth conferences throughout the United States and Canada.

Mr. Trivanovich has taught and directed his art as a guest for the Educational Theatre Association, college/university theatre programs, performing arts schools and state Thespian conferences.

Cary resides in Orange County, California, where his spare time is usually on the golf course.

Cary is often asked... What was his favorite place visited or experience on tour? The answer to both is the ethereal walk he experienced early one Sunday morning through Venice, Italy, where only the locals abide.

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"No way!"
That is usually the response Cary gets when he starts balancing a dollar like this.  Don't try this at home -- He's a professional!

The Significance of Cary Trivanovich

Not Just Another Good Performer

"Cary has captivated and captured the respect of each and every audience he has faced, even high schools - thousands of them - irrespective of their location or behavioral history..."

ARTICLE by Robert Manning,
Cary's close friend since high school

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Unprecedented Impact Spanning Cary's Career

"Cary is the single most impactful speaker/presenter I have ever witnessed. My students kept interrupting his presentation and message to applaud him."

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Student Testimonials of Life-Change

"I was going to skip the assembly so I could get high, but I was caught and a teacher took me to the auditorium to watch you... I want you to know that you changed my life..."

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